1959 GMC 4104
1959 GMC 4104 PD4133

I am making some major changes in my life and my project bus is on
the chopping block.

I purchased this bus as a seated tour bus some years ago and have
gutted out the interior accept the original drivers seat and dash of
course. the rest of the interior is ready for conversion.

All original windows but needs new drivers tip out window (all
cracked) and the rear window was previously removed and a
replacement panel was installed.

Custom stainless dual exhaust and rebuilt in late 70's original engine.
Clutch and trans have worked excellent and engine starts without
much fuss and very little initial smoke during warmup. Runs strong.

Complete front end rehab including the original power assist steering
(works great), new bearings, brakes incl shoes, drums, lugs and nuts,
cans, & hoses, new oil type hub caps, tie rod ends rebuilt/replaced as
needed, front mounted gasoline tank removed, all areas up under the
front were sandblasted, scraped, cleaned, and painted, newer shocks,
four new air bags. Front suspension and brakes all renewed and
working/looking good.

Front alcoa rims were blasted and primed/painted hammer finish dark
grey, still need to do front bumper to match. Recommend new tires
before extended travel.

Rear suspension and brakes were next on the list to do and again
recommend new tires for the rear. I have new lugs and nuts for the
rear. Tires good enough to move around and maybe get down the road
a fair piece, but still recommend replacement.

The rear engine hatch frame is bad and still not sure the best way to
remedy, needs new lights as well. the originals I have, but someone
changed the rear lights at some time and they need attention/
replacement. rear bumper was  painted hammer finish dark grey. (was
looking for old look, not glitz and chrome) Rear outer wheels are alcoa
as well and not yet painted.

Top corner marker lights were removed (still have) and was going to
patch the holes. has the original front badge. (non greyhound)

Was working on eliminating the old and unused wiring and electrical
stuff not needed and rewiring as needed (imo), needs charging system
checked out. had 4 new batteries and cables until someone "found"
them. (need to have better way to lock these bays !!!) have spare
starter and other misc bus stuff. have  spare tire/wheel.

I have ALL the manuals and much other materials and literature.

I looked for years before buying this bus, it was the best of the near
original maintained condition 4104's I found.  Because of my
knowledge regarding restoration of classic automobiles and vehicles I
knew what was the best condition for me to start with, and this one fit
the bill.

It has a strong engine and drove out great, mechanically it had no
serious issues, the body corrosion was minimal as 4104's went, the bay
doors weren't all dented and messed up, the glass was all there (but
now the driver pivot glass is bad), the bumpers weren't all dented up
or tweaked out of shape, the steel air ride chambers  were solid, So
what I found in this one was that it was a very good used but
maintained tour bus, not something that was worn out, sitting rotting
somewhere, or something that someone else tried to own and run
without knowing the proper maintenance for it.

This was the best shell I could find at the time for the money.  I
couldn't justify the cost of trying to mechanically restore a 500  dollar
bus, I needed the best I could find worthy of restoration and
improvement over original.  There were a few already restored buses
out there for huge money, but I wanted to go through everything
myself anyway to assure the best mechanical condition I could expect,
a working knowledge of all systems and components, and I detest
reworking something someone else already 'fixed', screwed up, or
neglected.  This bus had been maintained up until it was retired from
commercial use..... and I got it.

Sorry for the long winded version here, but this is not just some old
bus shell, this is a 'good' one. Should this be the type of bus you want
to start with, and of the mechanical condition you can further
improve/maintain, let me know.  

Anyone interested please let me know any additional pictures you
would like to see, ask any questions.

Great bus to start with as a conversion project or what ever your plans
for a bus might be.  This one is a solid unit to begin with.

Thanks again for the interest, take care,