This is another new
front axle assembly
still in the crate

1969 Chevrolet G10, 108" wb, 307
2v, 3spd on the tree

15,000 original miles, 2nd owner

I have this van for the right person, 1969 2wd g10 with new military surplus
blazer front axle assembly including rotors and calipers and lockouts ready to
have the spring perches welded and mount the unit up underneath.

Have used divorced ci transfer case to be fitted and a used matching geared rea
from a 1/2t chev truck that will need to be blocked or better yet new springs
arched to suit.

This van was in a fire district and has just over15000 original miles on it.
307 2 barrel 3 on the tree. Runs great and drives great as 2wd. there is NO rust
through anywhere on or under this van, remarkable condition. i have stored it
inside and yes, the ugly bump dent in the nose needs attention.

I bought this van to convert to 4x4 weekend camper to tow behind my
1959 gmc 4104 bus, and now that project is in limbo and not sure what
i want to do with it. so now the van stands in the same way....
not sure what i want to do.

The conversion to 4x4 can be finished for you .

am taking all offers.

thanks for any interest, willy
Yes, this is original
I have the following 4x4
components that are
available to go with this
van if wanted