My name is David W. Sullivan and this web site is a place for
me to express and share who and what i am and what I do (&
why ?), a place for friends, associates, and organizations to do
the same and a place for others to learn about and find help
and support services that are uniquely suited to assist them as
their life's situations require.
Whether you are an individual or group, family or organization,
business or agency, problems and challenges often arise that
require a little (or a lot) of help to figure it all out and find options
and answers to resolve them.  

As a consultant and legal services professional with over 23
years experience helping others with business needs, life
situations, challenges, problems, and disputes, I am well suited
to take on your situation and assist you in finding the path to
resolution that works best for you.

All of my work involves confidentiality and strict adherence to
the right of privacy of my clients.  Whether it is consulting or
mediation, negotiating or representation, a Confidentiality
Agreement is required.  What ever is revealed to me is kept
private unless otherwise required by law or allowed/instructed
by the client.

Experience and knowledge,  logic and wisdom,  patience and understanding,
abilities and skills; these are my assets, I earned these.  

Ethics and integrity, honesty and principles; these are my way of life, I learned these.
(these aren't just marketing terms as used by many politicians and frauds)


I have been involved in business management  and administration through  contract and ownership for the last 30
years.  I have been involved in government and public administration through elected positions and appointments within
the last 15 years.  I am well versed in the operations of both business and municipal government as well as home
owners associations.

I have owned and operated different businesses while doing my consulting work and working through the court system
as an appointed receiver and trustee.  Some of the business areas I have been personally involved with besides my
consulting and related specialty services are: specialty automobile restoration, automotive parts, machinery and
equipment salvage, intrastate trucking, building, remodeling, and contracting, greenhouse and nursery, bail bonds and
surety, adult foster care, residential real estate rentals and development, low voltage electrical, HVAC, various retail
businesses, and the restaurant/ bar/ resort/ recreation business.

I was elected to the position of President of Villages of Homestead Overall Homeowners Association and Treasurer of
Audubon Village Neighborhood Association, located east of Homestead Florida. I have served on the planning and
zoning board for Hart Township and been actively involved with the Township governance. I was the appointed Planning
& Zoning Administrator and Ordinance Enforcement Officer for Pleasant Plains Township in Lake County for over three

I have extensive experience and knowledge relating to problem solving and finding new solutions to old situations.
Looking ‘outside the box’ is just one of my abilities and my need and desire for organization, accuracy and efficiency
have created in me the skills necessary to do what I do.  

My abilities to think and reason are assets and logic and wisdom have followed with age.  As I mentioned earlier I am
one that has no difficulty thinking ‘outside the box’.  

Being involved in the community in which I live is important to me and  being able to help my neighbors and others
through tough times has become a regular and usual activity for me.  I support the efforts of organizations that are
‘hands on’ helping those in need.  I am Past Master of my Masonic Lodge and have worked with nonprofit
organizations including disaster work after both Hurricane Andrew and Georges in Florida and the Florida Keys. I was
the only 'Individual' on the coalition committee working to find services and support for victims of the storm after the
usual groups and government agencies left.

I am a hard taskmaster when it comes to my quality of work and duties and I strive to maintain my standards of ethics
and principals.  I choose not to lie or deceive or mislead others and I take stock in ‘my word’. My word means a lot to
me and my integrity and reputation as an honest and reputable professional at what I do is most important.

My experiences with life’s situations has made me who and what I am today, and I am still learning.  I have been
married and divorced twice, am a family man, and from these have gained much in patience and understanding of
others.  Relationships and family relations continue to teach me much. My knowledge of many varied things and areas
of one’s life and living have come from ‘been there- done that’ experiences and from family and friends what their lives
have been and now are.  Yet again… I’m still learning.

My current areas of personal interest  are: the small house movement and ‘smart-sized’ living, small home village
development, and building restoration and rehabilitation.  My college and trade background is in Architectural Design
and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering and Drafting.  I have always had a fascination with cabins and cottages
and unique small living spaces.  I love to work with wood and designing and creating whether it be furniture or buildings
or interior living spaces.  I am my own designer, builder, and carpenter and truly enjoy building and being my own
‘handyman‘.  I have a couple of projects underway and enjoy spending quality spare time and energy working on them.  
There are other projects I would like to develop also.

I like my vintage 1988 Pathfinder Ford 4x4 E350 van . I enjoy working on and maintaining it and it is wonderful to travel
with. I enjoy going on 'road-trips' whether to some special place or just to drive to or through new places with new
scenery.  I now have a paddleboat and an 'island' to launch it from at North Lake and am looking forward to taking time
to enjoy it. I have always enjoyed nature and I feel connected to forests and sunrises and sunsets and water.  Where I
live in wooded Marlborough I watch and enjoy deer in my front yard in the winter and back yard in the summer and
crazy squirrels all year long.

I am a blues man but enjoy more than just the 'blues'.  R&B and soul, soft jazz, some country, a little hip-hop, some
alternative and classic rock, inspirational, and sometimes classical depending on my mood.  Music is a healing energy,
at times a motivator, and just good company when I am alone.

My last dog was a retired (salvaged ?) guard dog that was abandoned and suffered through Hurricane Georges
chained to a trailer on Ramrod Key. Now that he passed on after 14 years I have a lazy and laid back cat and I will try
to find more time to just lay in the sun like he does.

I am different and unique and one-of-a-kind.  I have followed my heart and instincts most of my life and find that this has
led to life’s lessons that have continued to test and temper me to make me a better man and better friend.  I have my
ways that have worked for me and I find comfort in.  So too I have some obsessions and passions and inclinations that
will from time to time test me.  No problem, I can deal with them.  I am a student of life and will graduate the day I pass
on, and move on, to post-graduate learning.

So there you have it,  a brief self portrait of who and what I am and what I do. It is sometimes difficult to separate the
who and what I am from the what i do, they are inexplicably connected.   My grey hair and beard speak for themselves
in that I have earned every one of them and each one has a story to tell.   

I am an ol’dog that no longer wants to be barking and chasing and biting;
I learned to slow down and only growl when I need to.
"Slow down, look 'round, 'tis your life you be livin' !"